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Gattefossé is a leading provider of lipid excipients and formulation solutions to healthcare industries worldwide. We are committed to delivering high quality excipients, technical support and inspiring your formulations. With an in-depth knowledge of lipid excipient physicochemical and functional properties, we are your reliable partner for drug development.

Oral drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are designed to meet the most pressing formulation challenges in drug development:

Oral Drug Delivery excipient Gattefosse

Poor solubility, permeability and bioavailability, with lipid-based drug delivery systems consisting of single or multiple excipients, forming oily formulations, self-emulsifying (SEDDS) and self-microemulsifying (SMEDDS) formulations or micellar solutions.

Modified or sustained-release excipient Gattefosse

Modified or sustained-release lipid matrices that are water-insoluble and do not swell or erode when in contact with aqueous media. They form an inert matrix from which the drug diffuses slowly over time.

Taste-masking excipient Gattefosse

Protection of sensitive API and taste-masking when used in melt processes, due to the formation of a film coating around the drug particle.

Lubricant excipient Gattefosse

Lubricant for challenging pharmaceutical tablets and capsules, with inert excipients eliminating the drug-excipient incompatibility issues.

Topical drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are used to formulate creams, lotions, ointments, oily and aqueous gels and foams.

Topical drug delivery excipient Gattefosse

Improved texture and sensorial properties positively impact patient experience and adherence to treatment. Optimizing stability, texture and sensorial qualities of a topical product can be achieved with the selection of the right combination of emulsifiers and consistency agents.

Transdermal drug delivery excipient Gattefosse

Transdermal drug delivery can be achieved by the selection of suitable solubilizers, skin penetration enhancers and solvents enabling the passage through the skin.

Rectal and vaginal drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are used to formulate suppositories, pessaries, creams, ointments and foams.

Rectal drug delivery excipient Gattefosse

Our well-established hard fat bases for suppositories and pessaries optimize drug delivery for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and manufacturing equipment.

Vaginal drug delivery excipient Gattefosse

Alternative dosage forms for rectal or vaginal mucosal delivery can be formulated with our safe and non-irritant emulsifiers and thickeners.

International technical support

With an international network of technical representatives and Technical Centers of Excellence in USA, France, India and China, Gattefossé provides bespoke technical and regulatory support to accelerate drug development.


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