ARMOR Pharma – Lactose

ARMOR PHARMA manufactures and markets 3 ranges of pharmaceutical grade lactose for all your applications:

  • ARMOR PHARMA™ lactose monohydrate : sieved & milled lactose 
  • EXCIPRESS™ lactose for Direct Compression 
  • EXCIPURE™  lactose for Dry powder Inhalation 

Our state of the art industrial facility, located in Brittany, FRANCE, is in full compliance with pharmaceutical standards (EXCiPACT, cGMP, GDP, PAT) and enables the production of lactose in line with pharmaceutical regulations: Ph-EU, USP-NF, and JP.

ARMOR PHARMA’s ambition is to design solutions that best support customer’s development. Our positionning reflects this philosophy, centred on a question that makes sense: “How would you like your lactose?”

For more information, or to tell us how you would like your lactose: [email protected] 

Product Information

Our production tools have been specifically designed to provide flexibility at each step of the process.

For specific requirements related to the product, packaging, technical support or logistics, our team will investigate all the options to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Lactose monohydrate

Direct compression

Dry powder Inhalation


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A NEW lactose grade available from ARMOR PHARMA !

17. October 2017 ARMOR PHARMA - the french manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade lactose - today announced the launching of a new lactose grade. ARMOR PHARMA lactose monohydrate 350M : ARMOR…